Domain Hosting

Standard Domain from 12$ only

If you are looking for a VPS, you will find our VPS plans better than any competitors in resources and quality. We have arranged our plans to be scale-able and can be upgraded any time.

Included with every VPS

  • Several Linux Images available
  • Management with direct Access to reboots, reinstalls, CPU/ Bandwidth usage, graphs and more.
  • Dedicated IP address with redundant tier-1 bandwidth
  • RAID-10 SAN storage
  • Private IP for inter-VPS communication
  • Host machines always stay below full capacity
Flexible Terms

  • No setup fee, No contracts
  • Upgrade, downgrade any time, no additional charges
  • Billing is strictly per month, cancel any time

For details, please dial our international number +1 541 236 2418 or click here to get a call back from our hosting expert.


10 GB Disk Space
3.6 GHz/6 CPU
1000 GB Data Transfer
512 MB RAM, 1 IP
Note: Recommended for testing only.



20 GB Disk Space
3.6 GHz/3 CPU
2000 GB Data Transfer
1024 MB RAM
1 IP



30 GB Disk Space
3.6 GHz/2 CPU
3000 GB Data Transfer
1536 MB RAM
1 IP



60 GB Disk Space
3.6 GHz CPU
6 TB Data Transfer
3072 MB RAM
1 IP